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Comfortable shoes

Hi honestly your service was good but the size not accurate.I ordered size 13 shoes but it says 13 but in fact not . And was late to receive it so there wasn’t enough time to return back . I still have and not using it

Good shoes

Happy with the product. I provided feedback to the team that I was disappointed that the ad said they had a warehouse in Australia but the shoes were sent from the USA

Great watch

Watch is great

I love fluffy volumizing hair spray it does everything it claims to do and doesn’t leave the hair sticky, it’s great.

I recommend the seller

I recently added floating shelves to my home office and am delighted with the result. They have transformed my empty wall into a functional and aesthetically pleasing storage space. The shelves are easy to install and their minimalist design suits my decorating style perfectly. I'd recommend these floating shelves to anyone looking to maximize the use of their wall space.

Good quality

These floating shelves are perfect for my storage needs. I've installed several shelves in my kitchen to hold my spices, cups and bowls. They're sturdy and offer a good load capacity. I also like the fact that they are height-adjustable, so I can customize their layout to suit my needs. I'm very happy with these floating shelves.

I'm delighted with my purchase

I'm delighted with my floating shelves. They're versatile and practical for organizing my decorative items and books. I like the fact that they have no visible supports, which gives them an elegant, airy appearance. The shelves are well constructed and easy to clean. I'd recommend them to anyone who wants to add storage space without visually cluttering the room.

They're an excellent

Floating shelves are a great way to optimize wall space. I've installed several of these shelves in my living room to display photo frames, plants and books. They're very sturdy and easy to install. I also like the fact that they add an interesting visual dimension to my wall. They're an excellent choice for a modern, functional decor.

I love it

I love these floating shelves! They add a modern and elegant touch to my home decor. The shelves are easy to install and very stable once fixed to the wall. I was able to display my favorite decorative objects and create a beautiful presentation. I highly recommend these floating shelves for a chic, minimalist look.

Super thank

This bamboo shoe rack is really practical. The four levels offer enough space to store my shoes in an orderly fashion. The bamboo adds a warm touch to my interior, and I'm reassured to know that it's environmentally friendly. It's a quality product and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a functional storage solution for their shoes.

Superior quality product

This bamboo shoe rack is simple yet functional. It's easy to assemble and the shelves are sturdy. I particularly like the fact that bamboo is eco-friendly and sustainable. It can accommodate many types of shoes, from sneakers to high heels. It's a great addition to my entryway and helps me keep my shoes organized.

Great product! 5 stars

I love this bamboo shoe rack! It adds a natural touch to my entryway and keeps my shoes organized. The four levels provide ample space for my different pairs of shoes. What's more, bamboo is easy to care for and moisture-resistant. I'm delighted with this purchase and recommend it without hesitation.

My wife loves

This bamboo shoe rack is a fantastic find. It's well designed, sturdy and offers enough space to store my shoes in an organized way. I also like the fact that bamboo is environmentally friendly. It's excellent value for money and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a shoe storage solution.

I'm very happy

This bamboo shoe rack is simply brilliant! It provides the perfect storage solution for my shoes. The four levels hold up to 12 pairs of shoes, which is ideal for someone like me who likes to collect different styles of shoes. The bamboo is strong and durable, and the design is both sober and modern. I'm very happy with this purchase.

Highly recommended

This serving cart is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. I use it to organize my collection of spirits and glasses, and it adds a touch of vintage charm to my space. The wooden shelves are sturdy and easy to clean. I'm very pleased with the overall quality of the cart and would recommend it to anyone looking to add a functional and stylish element to their home.

This is an excellent purchase

This service cart is perfect for my home entertainment needs. It's well built with durable materials and the casters are sturdy. I like the combination of wood and metal, which gives it an elegant look. I can easily move the cart from one room to another during evenings out with friends. This is an excellent purchase that I highly recommend.

I Love

I love this serving cart! Its industrial style is really trendy and goes perfectly with my decor. The wooden shelves are sturdy and can hold a variety of items. I use this cart not only for serving drinks, but also as extra storage space in my kitchen. It's a versatile, quality product.

It is comfortable

This serving cart is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. The wooden shelves offer plenty of space for storing glasses, bottles and bar accessories. The castors glide smoothly, making the cart easy to move. I also appreciate the fact that the shelves are height-adjustable to suit my needs. It's a great addition to my kitchen.

I'm really pleased with this purchase.

This serving cart is a wonderful piece for my home. Its vintage-industrial style adds a unique touch to my interior design. The wood and metal materials are high quality and well finished. I use it to serve drinks at events, and it's very practical thanks to its castors, which make it easy to move around. I'm really pleased with this purchase.

Good product,

This kitchen shelf is an excellent investment. It's elegant and functional. I can easily store my utensils, dishes and food products. The shelves are easy to clean and offer enough space for my daily needs. Assembly was quick and easy. I'm very satisfied with this purchase.

I highly recommend it.

This kitchen cart has really improved the organization of my kitchen. It's spacious enough to hold all my kitchen utensils and appliances. The shelves are height-adjustable, which is handy for accommodating different items. What's more, the cart is easy to move around thanks to its sturdy castors. I highly recommend it.

Very good product

I'm delighted with this kitchen shelf. It's well designed and very functional. I was able to store my microwave oven, pots and pans, and essential kitchen ingredients. The shelves are solid and stable, and the metal structure is durable. It's an excellent choice for optimizing storage space in my kitchen.

It is beautiful

This kitchen shelf is very practical and functional. It provides ample space for my microwave oven, bowls and plates. I also appreciate the extra hooks for hanging my tea towels and utensils. The build quality is excellent and assembly was easy. It's a versatile and sturdy kitchen cart.

I highly recommend it.

This kitchen cart is a great addition to my kitchen. It provides extra storage space for my appliances, kitchen utensils and groceries. The shelves are sturdy and spacious, allowing me to organize my belongings in an orderly fashion. The mobility of the cart thanks to its castors is also an advantage. I highly recommend it.